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Haunted Beauty Exhibition Press Pack

I am really pleased with the exceptional amount of press received.

Please download the Haunted Beauty Coverage Book:







11th Dec: Workshop by Cool it Art, sponsored by GreatArt 


Workshop by Cool it Art, 
Sponsored by GreatArt 
Supported by Tannery Projects.
This is a free workshop for all ages to take part in.






Join us on the 11th December, 1 - 5pm, to take part in our free workshop "Emotion through Colour".
Colour plays an important role in the natural world as a visual marker where words can't be used; from a warning of danger to dazzling to attract interest - what does colour mean to you? What emotions do different colours represent to you? - do you "see red" "feel blue"? 
In this session we explore colour association with emotions and explore how these elements can be expressed symbolically taking inspiration from the surrounding exhibition "EXPRESSIONIST". The Artists will also be running demonstrations as part of the session; exploring the theme and sharing their Art practice with us - Eleanor Lindsay Fynn "How to draw a faces" and Nadine Talalla "Exploring Colour". 

This Workshop is run in partnership with Cool it Art and supported by GreatArt/

For more information and images:

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